The Maid of Honour

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It makes sense for all the bridesmaids and pageboys to get dressed wherever the bride is getting ready. This helps with hair and make-up and gives everyone the chance to make any last-minute adjustments.

If you’re the chief bridesmaid, your role on the day is very important to the bride. You will be her calming influence and you will need to be as organised as possible.

On the day you will need to be the bridal parties ‘mother’, making sure everyone is where they should be and are wearing what they should be wearing. From our experience we would recommend carry a ‘Handy Bag’ on the day containing  things like plasters, tissues, a mini sewing kit, extra lip gloss etc.

All eyes will then be on you as you walk down the aisle just before the bride . Once the bride has joined the groom you will take her bouquet and look after it for the duration of the service.

During the reception, the chief bridesmaid should circulate, ensuring that everyone is enjoying themselves and of course, party hard on the dance floor!

Enjoy your Maid of Honour day!