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Mother of the Bride

Traditionally, the mother of the bride plays a hugely influential and prominent role in your wedding day. However, nobody likes a pushy mum so the bride needs to establish how much or how little she wants her mum to do.

Role on the Day

  • She helps dress the bride.
  • Accompanies the bridesmaids to the ceremony.
  • She is the last to be seated before the bride’s entrance.
  • Traditionally at the reception, she is a co-host, responsible for welcoming guests, circulating and making introductions.
  • The bride’s parents do not leave the wedding reception until the last guests have gone.

Father of the Bride

The father of the bride plays as very important role on his daughters wedding day. If he is hosting the wedding with the bride’s mother, then he is usually aware of the arrangements and may choose to participate in some aspects of the organisation.

Role on the Day

  • He accompanies the bride in the wedding car to the ceremony.
  • Walks the bride down the aisle on his right arm.
  • When the vicar/registrar asks ‘who is giving this woman to this man?’ he takes he bride’s right hand and places it in the grooms.
  • At the reception, the father of the groom is guaranteed to make a tear-jerking speech.

The grooms Parents

The groom’s parents can be involved as much as they are invited to be or wish to be, in other words…they can sit back and enjoy the day!!

Divorced Parents at Weddings

This is a very sensitive area and should be addressed right from the beginning. Of course every case is different, and depends on how the bride and groom handle the situation.

If there is tension between children, parents and stepparents, it is important that the bride and groom outline their roles at an early stage so that everyone is aware of the part they will play on the wedding day.

Unless relations are so strained that the only solution is not to invite one of the parties involved, duties should be spilt.

For example, the natural father could walk the bride down the aisle and the stepfather could give a speech.

Forward planning is vital when it comes to seating arrangements for the ceremony and the wedding breakfast.