Contrary to popular belief the groom has to do a lot more than just show up and get married (sorry guys!)

Nowadays most couples treat wedding planning as a joint venture and you may have to be involved in many aspects of the preparation for the big day. Firstly there is the small matter of an engagement ring to choose and buy. He has joint responsibility in the major decisions such as choice of wedding venue, photographer and reception. His contribution will take some of the pressure off his bride to be.

However, the most important decision you need to make is who will be you’re best man.  Don’t be bullied by your fiancée. You should choose someone who knows you well and has the right qualities of reliability and responsibility and someone who you know is going to throw you an amazing stag do!

When writing your speech, don’t leave it to the last minute. Yours is one of the speeches traditionally required at a wedding (along with the father of the bride and best man). The groom’s speech is probably the easiest of the three, you’re speaking on behalf of yourself and your wife expressing your happiness and unlike the best man’s speech there is no expectation to make people laugh.