Picking the Perfect Date

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Picking the perfect date

Picking the Perfect Date

Yay! You’ve got engaged…congratulations!

Now the fun begins, the first thing you have to do when planning a wedding is set a date. This is a difficult decision, ideally you want a date that is personal to you as a couple but also practical. There are many things to consider to choosing a date season, price, celebrations, guests etc

The weather can make a big impact on your day. Nobody wants it to rain on their big day however if the sun is shining too much this can be equally as uncomfortable for your guests. Luckily at Isaacs on the Quay we are prepared for all seasons.

Your budget will also play a big part in helping your choose your date. Isaacs on the Quay can offer some great deals on mid-week weddings. So choosing to marry on a Wednesday for example could help you save those pennies.

Want your wedding to have a theme? Choose a March wedding and celebrate with a St Patricks Day theme and as you know, nobody does St Patricks Day like Isaacs!

Of course you want your nearest and dearest to be able to attend your big day so you’ll have to ask everyone of their availability and co-ordinator accordingly.

But remember it’s your wedding and it’s about what you want, starting with the date.