Isaacs Vs The Weather

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Isaacs vs the Weather

The day you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl has finally arrived, today is your wedding day. You’re so excited you can’t wait to get up and start getting ready, with fingers crossed you walk towards the closed curtains, with a big flourish you open them to find the heavens have opened and it might be better getting married in a wet suit. Rain is the one thing that we can’t control at Isaacs on the Quay…or can we?

The simply answer is no. Here at Isaacs we’re good but not that good! However, when the dark clouds form, the Isaacs team are ready and waiting with a ‘bring it on’ attitude. We will wait at the entrance to Isaacs ready to escort your guests (umbrellas in hand) to a lovely warm and dry area, where they can get a drink and chat…hopefully not about the weather!

But what about the photo’s I hear you cry? Due to Isaacs on the Quay being a unique venue photo’s are not a problem. Dating back to the 15th Century, the building itself offers exposed timber beams, vaulted ceilings, a canopied Private Garden and a fully-restored corn-dressing machinery room, we definitely have some wonderful spots to make those photos truly special.

So whether the sun is shining, the rain is falling or it’s snowed so much you could have a snowman as you’re bestman, Isaacs weddings, we have it covered!