The Groom

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The Groom

So you’ve done the hard bit, you’ve picked the ring, found the perfect, most romantic spot you could find and with sweaty palms and a racing heart you’ve asked those four words that could change your life forever…will you marry me?….and to your extreme delight the answer was yes!

And now you can sit back and enjoy the ride…or maybe not! Contrary to popular belief the groom has to do more than just turn up and get married, sorry guys.

Nowadays most couples treat wedding planning as a joint venture and you may have to be involved in many aspects of the preparation for the big day. As long as you’re not marrying a ‘Bridezilla’, you’ll have joint responsibility in all major decisions such as choice of venue (Isaacs of course!), photographer and reception (again, Isaacs!).

But don’t worry, it’s not all flowers, cake and wedding dresses. You get to choose your best man. You should choose someone who knows you well and has the right qualities of reliability and responsibility and someone who you know is going to throw you an amazing stag do!

And after all that planning you’ll be able to enjoy a day that is completely unique to yourself and your partner.  With us you will love being the groom!