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And The Winner Is…

And the winner is….

weddingawards_badges_nationalfinalist_4bMost people don’t enjoy going to work, Sunday evening comes and they’re already dreading their Monday morning commute. But that’s not the case for the Wedding team at Isaacs on the Quay, we love our jobs, helping people plan their most special day? What could be better?

Well, we’ll tell you…when you get an award saying you’re the best at it…yay us!

On Wednesday 16th November Marcella and Sarah put on their finest frocks and attended The Wedding Industry Awards (East of England) in the hopes of winning The Best Wedding Venue 2017 (Town/City). Tensions were raising as category after category were announced and then second  to last

‘and the award for Best Wedding Venue (Town/City) goes to…..’

sarah-marcellaIsaacs on the Quay!!!

Wow, what an achievement! With heads held high (and stomachs sucked in) we went on stage to collect our award, we couldn’t have been happier!

The unique thing about TWIA is that you are voted for by your bride and grooms from the past year, the hardwork, dedication and love we put into each wedding has been recogised by the people that matter the most to us and it feels us with such pride for the venue that we work at.

Next stop, National finals…


Wedding Fayre April 2016

Come Along for a chance of winning a honeymoon worth up to £3,000

Isaacs Weddings is having our 2016 Wedding Fayre and Open Day on Sunday 24th April 2016 between 11am-3pm

We will have our dedicated wedding team on hand to show you what Isaacs has to offer as a Wedding Venue.

Photo Courtesy of Andy Chambers Photography


DIY Weddings

When it comes to your wedding there’s nothing better than the personal touch, but how far do you go?

There is a trend for many couples to do a DIY wedding, making everything from the invitation to favours and cakes to even the dresses!

Making certain elements for your wedding can add a personal touch, you can create your own centrepieces using items that have inspired you throughout your life together or you can make your own flower arrangements using the flowers and plants from your garden (be sure to check for bugs!). By making your own items it will make for a special and unique taking point…not to mention saving you a few pounds!

But the more you do the more stress and worry this may cause you. Maybe it’s not what you know but who you know!

BBQ and Hog Roast…the new Wedding Breakfast?

There has been a trend of couples wanting something different from the traditional wedding breakfast. Isaacs on the Quay have recognised this trend and are happy to offer more than a formal 3 course meal.

After the ceremony, you’re having your pictures taken in our wonderful Private Garden and suddenly your tummy starts to rumble. You were too nervous to eat before the ‘I do’s’ but now you need food…and then you hear the magical words ‘The BBQ is served’…hooray!

Isaacs can offer a BBQ or Hog Roast with lots of yummy side dishes. Not only is a BBQ and Hog Roast a very tasty option, it’s also less stress and worry. There is no need to spend hours working on a sitting plan and writing out all those name cards. A BBQ and Hog Roast allows your guests to mingle and chat to everyone.

Of course that’s not to say we don’t still do a 3 course wedding breakfast, our food is of exceptional quality and with a choice of stunning rooms as a sitting, at Isaacs on the Quay you really can have you cake (or Hog Roast) and eat it!

Same Sex Marriage

As of 29th March 2014 marriage became the union of two people, whether it is a man and a women or a same sex couple.

We know that many same sex couples have been married to each other in their minds and hearts for a long time and here at Isaacs on the Quay we celebrate love without prejudice and embrace the devotion between two people.

We can personalise your Civil Ceremony to reflect who you are as individuals, there’s nothing too small or big that we can’t handle at Isaacs on the Quay. A Civil Ceremony general lasts about 20 minutes depending on if you have any readings or even someone to sing you down the aisle. Isaacs on the Quay can accommodate up to 74 guests, the Ceremony Room’s enchanting ambience makes it the perfect place for a wedding ceremony and can be arranged to your taste and to suit your number of guests.

However, it’s not about us and what we can do. It’s about you, you are unique. Your wedding at Isaacs on the Quay will be special. Our team are here to listen to you, support you and help turn your thoughts, ideas and wishes, into a truly special experience.

At Isaacs we can deliver a great same sex marriage, a day you and your guests will really treasure

Tips and Timing for an Evening Reception

The party can start as early you’d like however generally speaking an ideal start time for the evening wedding reception would be 7pm. Guests will arrive at Isaacs on the Quay’s main entrance and be greeted by a member of the Isaacs Wedding Team to guide them to the privately hired area of your choice. Then you, as the recently married couple will welcome them with open arms.
Then we’re onto the cutting of the cake, this gives your nearest and dearest the opportunity to enjoy this fine moment and maybe take a picture or two.

After that special moment has been captured the Isaacs Wedding Team will happily cut and serve the cake to your guests at no extra charge.

Got your dancing shoes on? – Good because party time is now starting. It’s time to hit the dance floor for the magical first dance…only if you wanted to that is!
Next, everyone’s favourite part of the evening, the buffet. We have a wide range of options from starting from the classic buffet to a good old hog roast.
Now your guests are fed and happy it’s time to cut some shapes on the dance floor and celebrate the night away…

Skype your Wedding!

Let those who can’t be there enjoy the day – Skype your wedding

When a loved one can’t attend your wedding, consider live streaming the ceremony so far away guests can still celebrate with you.

At Isaacs on the Quay we have the facilities to Skype your wedding ceremony to anyone in the world. As long as they have a good internet connection they will feel as if they are sitting in the front row!

Whether you have friends overseas or elderly relatives that aren’t able to attend, Isaacs on the Quay have it covered. Our tech-savvy staff  will sort everything out for you so you won’t have to worry, you all need to do is say ‘I do’.

After the ceremony Isaacs on the Quay will provide you with the means to have a face to face (or computer to computer) chat with your nearest and dearest, making them feel special and making your day complete.

Skype your wedding with Isaacs

Picking the Perfect Date

Picking the perfect date

Picking the Perfect Date

Yay! You’ve got engaged…congratulations!

Now the fun begins, the first thing you have to do when planning a wedding is set a date. This is a difficult decision, ideally you want a date that is personal to you as a couple but also practical. There are many things to consider to choosing a date season, price, celebrations, guests etc

The weather can make a big impact on your day. Nobody wants it to rain on their big day however if the sun is shining too much this can be equally as uncomfortable for your guests. Luckily at Isaacs on the Quay we are prepared for all seasons.

Your budget will also play a big part in helping your choose your date. Isaacs on the Quay can offer some great deals on mid-week weddings. So choosing to marry on a Wednesday for example could help you save those pennies.

Want your wedding to have a theme? Choose a March wedding and celebrate with a St Patricks Day theme and as you know, nobody does St Patricks Day like Isaacs!

Of course you want your nearest and dearest to be able to attend your big day so you’ll have to ask everyone of their availability and co-ordinator accordingly.

But remember it’s your wedding and it’s about what you want, starting with the date.

Why Choose Isaacs?

Why choose Isaacs. Ipswich Weddings

Why Choose Isaacs? – here’s why

When you wake up on your wedding day you’ll lay in bed and think about all the things you need to do and all the things that could possible go wrong. But you’re not alone, on the morning of your special day the Wedding Co-ordinators at Isaacs on the Quay will be doing the very same thing, why? Because we care about every one of our bride and groom’s.

We are with you every step of the way, from the moment you book your first viewing to the moment you wish your guests goodnight. To us it isn’t a job, it’s an obsession and at the end of the day isn’t that what you want? Someone that will listen to you, support you and help turn your thoughts, ideas and wishes into a truly special experience.

We can be involved in as much or as little of the fine details as you’d like. We can supply chair covers, flowers, a photographer, a video producer or we’re equally happy to work with yours.

If you want a stress/worry free wedding day then the obvious choice is Isaacs on the Quay.

The Maid of Honour

It makes sense for all the bridesmaids and pageboys to get dressed wherever the bride is getting ready. This helps with hair and make-up and gives everyone the chance to make any last-minute adjustments.

If you’re the chief bridesmaid, your role on the day is very important to the bride. You will be her calming influence and you will need to be as organised as possible.

On the day you will need to be the bridal parties ‘mother’, making sure everyone is where they should be and are wearing what they should be wearing. From our experience we would recommend carry a ‘Handy Bag’ on the day containing  things like plasters, tissues, a mini sewing kit, extra lip gloss etc.

All eyes will then be on you as you walk down the aisle just before the bride . Once the bride has joined the groom you will take her bouquet and look after it for the duration of the service.

During the reception, the chief bridesmaid should circulate, ensuring that everyone is enjoying themselves and of course, party hard on the dance floor!

Enjoy your Maid of Honour day!